What is SmartphoneTradeIn.com?

SmartphoneTradeIn.com is the leading corporate & bulk smartphone trade-in program in the United States. We are a program of GRC Wireless (www.grcwireless.com), the largest grassroots cell phone trade-in and recycling company in the United States. GRC Wireless has recycled over 7 million smartphones and cell phones since 2002.

Does SmartphoneTradeIn.com purchase more than smartphones?

Yes. We are also a leading buyer of used iPads.

Is there a minimum number of devices I can sell?

Our focus is corporate, bulk & large quantity trade-ins, so the minimum is 5 phones and/or iPads. We do not have a maximum.

How is the final value of my item determined?

We offer a simple, two category grading system:

Good Condition or Better – We Pay You Full Price

Your phone is fully functional with normal signs of use. Your phone must power up, have a fully operating screen, have an unbroken housing without cracks, and be free of water damage. The phone must not have any missing buttons.

Damaged Condition – We Pay You Damaged Price*

Your phone has a cracked screen or housing, broken or missing parts, does not function properly, or has water damage.

* Phones that do not power up may be subject to a reduced damaged value. If your items received are listed as “lost or stolen”, have an activation lock (iCloud or Google), or do not match the items listed on your packing slip, the 100% satisfaction guarantee does not apply. If you elect to have these items returned, a $15 return fee will apply

How long before I get a check?

Once we receive your shipment, we will issue a check within five business days.

Do you send me a shipment receipt?

We will include a “Trade-in Summary” along with your check. The “Trade-in Summary” will detail the model, quantity, amount paid, and total.

Who pays for the shipping?

SmartphoneTradeIn.com pays for all shipping costs.

What are the shipping options?

We will mail you a “trade-in kit” which includes a FedEx Free Shipping Label, your packing list, and simple shipping instructions.

Do you provide shipping boxes?

We ask that you use (or re-use) a sturdy box or padded envelope. Our dedication to the environment extends to all aspects of our business, including the use of shipping boxes. With millions of boxes already available for shipping, it would be irresponsible to produce new boxes for this purpose. 

Do you have any special packing requirements?

Our shipping process is simple and straightforward. Both our USPS and FedEx options include easy shipping instructions. We encourage you to wrap valuable phones in some type of cushioning (bubble wrap, etc), to protect them during shipping.

Do you take the batteries?

Yes, we need the batteries and the battery covers (a battery cover is the plastic “back” of the phone that covers the battery.) When shipping, please make sure any batteries included in your shipment are attached to their corresponding phones. If the battery is unavailable, we will accept the phone by itself. Fortunately, most newer smartphones all have internal batteries, so there is no need to locate or attach the battery.

Do you take chargers & other accessories?

We accept chargers, but they are not required for full value. Please do not ship other accessories, such as cigarette car chargers or manuals. If you are including a charger, please make sure to wrap your phone to protect it properly, as enclosed chargers tend to scratch other phones.

Should I deactivate the service on the phones?

Yes, be sure to deactivate your cell phone service (or data for some iPads) prior to shipping your phones. We will not be responsible for any airtime charges resulting from phones that were not deactivated.

Does SmartphoneTradeIn.com erase personal data from all devices?

Yes. During the inspection process, our technicians erase the personal data on all phones through a factory reset. Additionally, we physically destroy (shred) all SIM Cards and memory cards (e.g. SD cards). However, if you feel more comfortable erasing the data yourself, please click here for our factory reset guide.

How does SmartphoneTradeIn.com process your phones?

SmartphoneTradeIn.com processes phones through an environmentally responsible zero landfill process. Click here to learn more about our Recycling Process & Environmental Policy.

Can I see my order status online?

You can track your shipment at www.fedex.com.

We do not offer “order status” on our website, as we do not require our customers to set up a user ID and password. However, please remember that we mail a check within five days of receiving your shipment, so you will receive payment very quickly. We believe you will be impressed with the speed and efficiency that we process your shipment.

You can always email us at info@smartphonetradein.com to check the status of your order or have any questions about your shipment.  Our friendly customer service team will respond quickly to your questions from Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST.